January 24, 2012

Iris Van Herpen


That's the very first word that came to my mind when I saw Iris Van Herpen Couture collection for Spring Summer 2012. I waited so impatiently for this collection, the last two ones having left me speechless. Iris is one of these rising young and talentuous designers, who's work is absolutely outstanding. I do not think I've been as amazed by a show since the Galliano for Dior era or more recently by Haider Hackermann.
I personally never had the chance, or should I say the honor to attend one of Iris' shows but I'm quiet sure of one thing, it must be very different from the average shows. I kind of see hers such as an incredible experience, a journey into a wondrous and mystical world where Nature and Women are One.
Because I feel that this is the essence of Iris' work, to create sophisticated and blowminding constructions giving the impression it was made by Mother Nature after million years.

I wouldn't call Iris a fashion designer, I'd say she's a magician of architecture. I'm looking forward for her work and bet it's just a matter of time before she becomes big. That's what I call raw talent.


  1. Whew! These are gorgeous outfits. The shoes is amazing. We love the heels.

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  2. i saw iris's show last year, its electric and mindblowing


  3. Beautiful blog! :)..
    If you'd like when can follow eachother?


  4. Omogsh' she is one of my favourite designers. I like to classify her as Mc Queen's sister.

    boy with the BOW TIE


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