January 28, 2012

Life // Friends

It's been literally weeks since I had not spent an evening as fun as this one ! As you can imagine, I have a lot of work so I don't have much time to see most of my friends. But when I do, I like to do things right. I thought that this Saturday night was the perfect time for me to ask my friends to come over at my place, I promised them a Christmas dinner ! Well, I know that it's January 28th but better late than never, right ? On the menu, toasts with foie-gras as an apetizer. Followed by a turkey seasoned with mustard sauce and pickled onions. A pure delight. We really had a great time, sharing memories and laughing out loud. I went throught tough times these past few weeks, and my social life has been undoubtedly reduced..that is to say quasi-nonexistent. This evening gave me strenght in a way that I feel like it allowed me to re-charge my batteries. 

I'm really blessed to have such loving and caring friends and I'll cherish our friendship for ever.


  1. you guys are so cuteee!

  2. smiley cute friends


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  4. I came across your blog through another fashion blog, and I'm absolutely loving it. You have wonderful taste (similar to mine). Excellent quality here, I'll be checking back.

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  5. You have a great style:) I will follow your blog.


  6. Lovely blog. Sounds fun! work hard play hard, right?&&&&confession: Your face is really cute. =^ . ^=


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