February 3, 2012

Prada Spring 2012

After enjoying a tea at Les Deux Magots, I went to Prada's shop located on the Avenue Montaigne to check out the spring/summer collection.
Since it's early Feb, they didn't have the whole collection but only a few pieces from the runway. The cuts, the combination of colours, the fabrics, the patterns... everything was so gorgeous. Even though I was quiet sceptical when I first saw the show a few months back, I have to admit that it looked fabulous in person.
But not anyone can wear these since they're such statement pieces. Indeed, the items I went trough seemed really hard to pull off everyday. The salesman told my that they just had a very small amount of the runway products since it's so difficult to sell. I ended up taking a nude and yellow shirt embellished with studs. In my opininon this shirt is like the equivalent of the banana printed Prada's shirt from last year meanning it's a statement piece but it's still wearable on a daily basis.

Hope you like it as much as I do! X


  1. Awesome shirt! U look like a model :P xxxx

    Jenna -

  2. Nice shirt! It looks great on you!

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  3. Your handsome Gauthier, keep it up. I like your blog! Also the top, it looks fabulous on you.


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