January 18, 2012


Hey everyone, 

Today's subject is : Attitude. Let me first tell you a little story, about what happend to a friend and I when we went to the Silencio nightclub, the one designed by David Lynch.

It was on a Wednesday night, probably two weeks ago. My friend Xing and I had a few drinks and we decided to head to the Silencio, which is definitely one of my favourite places to party in the capital. Since I already went to the Silencio before, I thought that going in would be another piece of cake. Unfortunately for us, I was wrong. As soon as we arrived, the guard asked us :

 'Are you a member, a VIP, or invited by someone who's in there ?' 
 'No' we said. 
 'Please, wait'. 

And that's when it gets interesting, because the boss of the club went out to talk to us. 

'Who do you work for ? Do you at least work in fashion ?'
At this time my friend and I were just petrified to say something, because let's be realistic, the situation was really grotesque. I mean, I know that the nightclub is hype and that the partygoers are the showcase of the club but that doesn't give him the right to judge people based on who they work for... Because the thing is that if I told him I was a business student, he probably never would have let us in.
So we used my friend's background as an answer, because she used to study at la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. And Abracadabra ! The doors opened to us.. (and we had a great time by the way).

This story is just another proof of how hard it is to get into certain places and events when you're not part of the industry. I personally think that it's kind of sad because I know that there are a lot of talents out there but they're not given the chance to be heard. As tough as it is to feel rejected, I guess we just have to keep fighting for our goals because all of our efforts will pay one day or another. 

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