January 19, 2012

Paris Men FW 2012/13 (Day 1)

Hey everyone,

As some of you may know, Paris Fashion Week has begun ! 
My friend Xing from http://huxlittlethings.tumblr.com/, and I, met at 9:30 this morning to attend a few shows. When we arrived to the Phillip Lim location I had the pleasure and honour to have my picture taken by the amazing guys from Stockholm Streetsyle. Well, if only I had been photographed only by them.. I've been approached by other bloggers, and I can't wait to put my hands on these photos. I'll make an article about that once I got them all. 

Unfortunately for us, it was clearly impossible to attend the 3.1 Phillip Lim show. A bit upset, we took the Fashion Shuttle which drove us to our next destination : Kolor (1st picture). I had never heard of that designer before so the show was a total surprise for me. I thought that the shapes and textures were pretty interesting, and I absolutely loved the red socks detail. Kolor is definitely a brand who's work needs to be followed, I bet he'll be huge in a few collections. 
Our next show was Issey Miyake, which took place at Place des Vosges, near the Marais district. The shapes and colours were really nice even though it is not my style and I wouldn't wear those clothes. 
Then, we ended up at Bercy for the Rick Owens show. I was pretty nervous because M. Owens is really a designer I look up to and I must say that is sense of fashion is like no other. Besides being able to attend the show, we had the best place ever as we were in between all of the photographers..
Actually it was the very first time for me to see a show from this angle, and I must tell you that it is the best place ever since there's nobody in front of you. The funny thing though is that they all had those  massive cameras (which probably cost like 10 times the price of the Prada shoes I was wearing), and I was standing between all of them, taking pictures with my poor Blackberry Bold. I felt so bad, how embarassing ! I absolutely need to buy a camera, this will definitely be my next purchase...
Anyways, Owens did not disappoint us at all, it was for me the best show of the day ! 

Love X

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