January 21, 2012

Stockholm Streetstyle - Gauthier

I really want to adress a huge thank you to the team from Stockholm Streetstyle ! Those guys are amazing and their work inspire me a lot. 
Here's the picture I talked to you about, that was taken during my very first day of menswear fashion week. And as a bonus, here is the video in which you can see how all the magic happens...

My coat is from Comptoir des cotonniers, my jeans are from Cheap Monday, the shoes are from Prada's fall collection. As for the accessories, my watch is from Michael Kors and the ring from YSL. Another big thank you that I want to adress is to YOU guys. I couldn't be happier about all the feedback that I had from this picture. Your support means the world to me. X


  1. Bit random that I stumbled up on ur blog, noticed ur picc on Sthlm Streetstyle a few days ago. It got me thinking that there's actually a few guys out there with great personal style! :)


  2. LOVE IT!



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