January 20, 2012

Paris Men FW 2012/13 (Day 2)

Hi everyone,

Today was the second day of my fashion week marathon ! Yes, you can definitely call this a marathon since my friend Xing and I got lost, walk miles and miles by feet under the rain and missed the fashion shuttle.. I feel exhausted but also self-satisfied because we've been able to attend a few shows. 

The first show we went to was Julius. The show took place at la maison des métallos, which is a very old building in Paris, a true symbolism of its industrial era. As I'm really attached to details, I loved the invition which was a CD jacket, I found it very original and inspiring. Inspiring in a way that the music has an important role during the show because it embodies the concept behind the collection. A show is a pleasure for the eyes but it also should be a pleasure for the ears. Anyways, a thick smoke was all over the place, giving a mysterious aspect to the location. According to me the collection was great, I just love the drapes and the monochromatic looks, I think it's very edgy and modern. Here are some pictures : 

Then we headed to Gustavolins and Juun J. I feel like the more collections I see from Juun J, the more I love their work. The show occured at l'Espace des Blancs Manteaux in Le Marais. The shapes were very futuristic and the use of fabric was incredible. Juun J offered us some strong pieces such as statement jackets or wide printed sweaters. I don't know why but I saw a lot of Saint Laurent's work in this collection, maybe it explains why I love it that much. Judge by yourself :

To recap today was a pretty good day even though the weather was terrible and we faced a few problems. But other than that I'm super glad that we've been able to attend those shows.
Coming up : a review on Givenchy collection.

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